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Colleges and universities are under more pressure than ever to enroll students — students whose smartphones are appendages, textbooks are digital, and lifespan documented online from first entry to latest meal.

Both market forces and today’s hyper pace of change warrant expert marketing enrollment guidance to ensure that prospects experience your brand positively wherever they are (online and/ or on-campus) and whenever they enter the new enrollment funnel (middle of the night via social and/or middle of a new city via billboard).

Every day Dominican College lives up to our brand. That’s because it’s an authentic representation of who and what we are for our students. However, it took Paskill’s expertise to make that identity publicly come alive.

Brett Bekritsky Director of Marketing, Dominican College


Our consultants have guided hundreds of institutions to improved enrollment outcomes by visiting campuses, meeting with stakeholders, and conducting in- depth analyses through the following signature assessments:


This comprehensive examination can improve efficiencies, systems and processes, staffing, marketing and recruiting plans, digital and traditional advertising, lead generation and prospect management activities, and other barriers disrupting enrollment health.


Our experienced consultants will assess your tour program, tour guides, and enrollment events as secret shoppers. We’ll also investigate your promotion, messaging, customer service, and overall enrollment marketing impact.


We provide a range of recommendations to advance the effectiveness and aesthetics of your website, including enrollment process, brand and marketing, UX/UI design and style, technology infrastructure, usability, accessibility, and more.


In person, on the phone, through email, during a team retreat – however you need to advance your institutional enrollment marketing, PS&L can connect you with consultants of robust experience (500+ institution clients since 1986) and exceptional customer service (we know intimately the demands and pressures of higher ed).

We work with higher ed partners of all sizes and situations to provide substantive analysis and trustworthy counsel that mobilize actionable next steps for now and promise a clear understanding of the comprehensive components needed for your staff, department, program, and/or institution to move forward in transformative ways.

A consultant brings strategic thinking, best practices, and an objective viewpoint to significant changes in the workplace. Our team has provided partners with consulting that focuses on:
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Sales and Recruitment Management
  • Process and Mapping
  • Recruitment Training and Coaching
  • Faculty and Advisory Training
  • Communications Flows
  • Staffing Recommendations



Upgrading Your Campus Visit

The campus tour is one of the most important contacts a prospective student and family will have with your college or university. So how do you ensure they are getting the right experience when they tour campus?


A Recruitment Process Reboot

This university’s yield was well below average, competition from publics and privates was high, and its marketing effort wasn’t syncing with enrollment objectives. Big change began by implementing a series of small, yet attainable actions.


The Case for Meaningful Maps

Your campus map is an opportunity for storytelling and engagement. It’s not just where the library or gym are located, but what kinds of meaningful experiences might evolve from those spaces.

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