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Your people make brand plans a reality

Without campus buy-in, your long-anticipated, new brand campaign could lose momentum. During our highly interactive workshops your campus community can learn how to turn brand messaging into authentic brand experiences.

PS&L Living the Brand

How brand-building comes alive across campus

In 2.5 hours or less, our impactful workshops keep the brand momentum going while establishing brand consistency. They can involve many stakeholders across campus, including:

  • Faculty
  • College/university staff
  • Admissions counselors
  • Coaches
  • Marketing and communications team
  • Student ambassadors/tour guides
  • Board of Trustees
  • President’s Council

Empower your campus community

Dozens of empowered brand advocates all on message and all speaking from their own distinct perspectives? Planning alone can’t do that, but our professional development certainly can give workshop participants:

  • the right tools to communicate brand story
  • real examples of how to demonstrate brand messages
  • positive reinforcement on how they already live the bran
  • understanding of their integral roles in brand building
  • motivation to share brand stories in their area of responsibility

Your people can be your best brand.

Get your campus excited and get your brand launched right.

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