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According to Mike Collins, Director of Paid Media, research shows that nearly half of all digital advertising is susceptible to ad fraud.

Regardless of the digital advertising tactics you currently employ, ad fraud is likely part of your experience, whether you know it or not. Collins’ recent white paper will help you understand what ad fraud is, how it’s possible, and what can be done to ensure your budget, brand, and digital campaign are safeguarded.

In it Collins warns, “When you make a $250,000 digital ad buy, you strategize, design, and budget carefully to move your target audience through the conversion funnel. But you probably don’t add a line item for organized crime or plan to take out an ad on an unsavory website. If you did, you probably wouldn’t set aside as much as 40% or $100,000 of that budget. But if you aren’t aware of ad fraud, you might end up doing just that.”

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