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The Ask

While Texas A&M University enjoys widespread brand awareness, the same cannot always be said for their Galveston campus. Paskill was hired to change that.

But as the partnership began Texas campuses were underwater from hurricane damage. A bad time for maritime-based messaging, which is core to the campus? A digital campaign and microsite proved otherwise, so much so that the microsite even outpaced the enterprise site. The goal of this six-week test campaign was to determine the effectiveness of the messaging platform as well as to fine-tune TAMUG’s target geography for later campaigns.


The media implemented for the test campaign consisted of paid search, paid social media, and Google Display Network. For geography we included six designated market areas. Three of the DMAs were determined based on past successful enrollment history, while three were identified as areas of opportunity.

Our Approach

We relied upon KPIs built into the microsite we developed for the campaign. While the messaging of the microsite was developed by Paskill to reflect the unique TAMUG experience, the interface design was developed in adherence to current Texas A&M brand guidelines. The goals established for the KPIs were based on the performance of similar past campaigns for institutions with a singular academic focus. Basic Google Analytic KPIs were established for acquisitions, CTR, bounce rate, etc., as well as for action-oriented goals – click through to the application page and request form submission.

The Results

Like a rainbow after a storm, the first campaign flight results surprised everyone. Within two weeks the microsite was receiving more unique visits per day than the University’s enterprise site.


Being media agnostic matters.

Paskill is a media-agnostic agency, meaning we look at all media and marketing options as possible solutions for our partners. For Texas A&M at Galveston striking outdoor added reach, and depth, to an intensive digital marketing strategy.

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